EuroNanoForum 2021 speakers Adriënne J.A.M. Sips

Adriënne J.A.M. Sips

Research coordinator nanotechnology and advanced materials at RIVM


Adriënne J.A.M. Sips, PhD is research coordinator nanotechnology and advanced materials, former coordinator of theme Risk Analysis and Technology Assessment (RATA) in the Dutch Nanotechnology Programme NanoNextNL, board member of the dutch Nano4Society foundation, member of the interministry workgroup on nanosafety, co-chair and founder of the RIVM WGnano. She has a background as pharmacokineticst and risk assessor on pharmacokinetics for the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board. She is one of the pioneers and developers of concepts as Safe by Design and Safe Innovation for chemicals bridging the world of safety research and technological innovations in the domain of nanotechnology.

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