EuroNanoForum 2021 speakers Annalisa Chiocchetti

Annalisa Chiocchetti

Associate Professor of Immunology, University of Eastern Piedmont


Annalisa Chiocchetti is an Associate Professor of Immunology, at the University of Eastern Piedmont in Novara (Italy). She is President of the Interdisciplinary Research Center for Autoimmune Diseases and leads the Immunomics Lab at the center for translational research on autoimmune and allergic diseases (CAAD). She graduated both in Medicine & Surgery and in Biological Sciences; she is a Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry and have a PhD in human biology: molecular and cellular basis. Since 2004, she works in the autoimmunity field, with the aim of driving her research toward precision medicine. She is currently coordinating the H2020 Research and Innovation Action Lump Sum– – FLAMIN-GO – From pathobiology to synovia on chip: driving rheumatoid arthritis to the precision medicine goal (GA No. 953121). The project is aimed at developing an autologous organ-on-chip, mimicking the rheumatoid arthritis joint, starting from patient’s biopsy. The chip will be used to test the efficacy of available drugs on the market.

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