EuroNanoForum 2021 speakers Blanka Lenczowski

Dr.-Ing. Blanka Lenczowski

R&T Business Development – European Affairs bei Airbus


Dr. Blanka Lenczowski is R&T Business Development Manager European Affairs and Senior Expert Material Technology at Airbus in Germany. She studied metallurgy in Czech Republic (1982-1986). After finishing her PhD at Faculty of Materials Technology of Siegen University in Germany she joints the R&D metals department at DASA. As researcher and later as manager of material technology responsible for development of new aluminium alloys she has continued her work at Daimler Benz and Daimler Chrysler in R&D department.

Since 2006 she has been responsible for research and technology development in “Metallic Materials” and interdisciplinary areas as Senior Expert Material Technology. She was in charge of national and transnational research projects with responsibility of Russian cooperation and cooperation with material supplier for Airbus concerning Al-Mg-Sc material technology development program with today patented material and creep forming technology application for so called Scalmalloy® material technology. She supports international business development & partnership strategy with Eastern Europe and in 2013 she was appointed as EU-member of Advisory Group as Airbus CTO representative for LEIT-Horizon 2020 (Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies) for Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing” (NMPB). She is Executive Chairman of the Aluminum Committee at German Material Society (DGM), and R&T Airbus representative at BDLI Working Group Material (German-Aerospace Industries Association). She advised Airbus CTO on technical vision with focus on Material technology as Material Thrust Deputy at Airbus.

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