Hilary Sutcliffe

Director of SocietyInside and TIGTech, United Kingdom

Hilary Sutcliffe is the Director of SocietyInside and TIGTech, a CSO, Business, Academic partnership exploring the earning of trust in technology governance.

Hilary Sutcliffe is co-chair of the World Economic Forum Global Futures Council on Values, Ethics and Innovation and previously sat on the council on Human Rights, prior to that the Global Agenda Council on Nanotechnologies.

She the serves on the Governance Sub-Group of the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council ; the External Advisory Board of the Institute of Innovation Research, Manchester Business School, University of Manchester and the Advisory Board of SynbioChem, the Centre for Synbio & speciality fine chemicals.

She was previously a Non-Exec Director of EIRIS (the Ethical Investment Research Service), the External Advisory Board of the University of Michigan Risk Science Centre in the USA; chaired the Advisory Board of ResAgora a research project which explored a Responsible Innovation Framework for Europe; the advisory board of the Public Dialogue on applications of Nanotechnologies; a member of Amnesty International UK Business Group and was involved in the Royal Society of Arts Inquiry into Tomorrow’s Company.

She has a MSc in Responsibility in Business Practice from the University of Bath and a BA in History of Art from the University of Manchester.

After a life-time of lethargy & zero exercise, much to everyone’s surprise she managed to run 3 the mid-life crisis marathons and now plays lots of tennis.

Hilary Sutcliffe also loves evening classes – recent ones include Sustainable Stand Up (stand up comedy to make sustainability issues funny!), Improv for Humanity (using Improvisation techniques to engage people in important issues); Mixed Materials Sculpture and she is currently cutting up little bits of glass and melting them in a kiln in the garage for her hobby of Fused Glass.

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