EuroNanoForum 2021 speakers Oscar Miguel Crespo

Oscar Miguel Crespo

Director of the CIDETEC Energy Storage Institute, Spain

Dr Oscar Miguel Crespo holds a PhD in Chemistry by the University of the Basque Country (Spain). He joined CIDETEC back in 1999, and currently works as Director of the CIDETEC Energy Storage Institute. He has been involved in energy related industrial research activities for more than 20 years including battery technology generation, transference and product development.

He coordinates a multidisciplinary research team of up to 70 scientists and technologists that combine chemists, electrochemists and engineers, covering the whole batteries value chain from powder to power, in close contact with the industry needs and industrial customers.

Dr Oscar Miguel Crespo is heavily involved in the European batteries community. He chairs WG4 on Cell design and Manufacturing within the European Technology and Innovation Platform ETIP Batteries Europe. Recently, he was elected as one of the R+D representatives within the Association Delegation of BEPA, the Batteries European Partnership Association.

His institute CIDETEC Energy Storage is also involved in key strategic european initiatives like Battery 2030+, LiPLANET and BIG-MAP, plus several other associations within the european batteries ecosystem.

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